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Website Promotions / SEO / Search Optimization - Jeby Thomas ( Kottayam, Kerala, India )

Website designer Kottayam Kerala India

A website reaps it's result only when it is properly promoted on web. Web promotions have equal importance with designing. On Internet, web promotions can be done in many methods. The basic two methods being SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Banner Ads. Apart from this there are several other methods also for web promotions like online directories, link exchange, email promotions etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) alias Search Optimization: SEO method utilizes the ability of the SEO Expert for optimizing a website for listing the website under major search engines with better ranking search results. Of all web promotional methods, SEO is the most difficult. The result varies from time to time and website to website. SEO expert may need to constantly improve on several factors of the website for achieving the result. SEO method is obviously a time taking method. But SEO method is the most important web promotion method for every website. It is becoming a standard for a website.

As a SEO Expert, Jeby always discuss the importance of SEO for a website to all his clients. He believes, without SEO, the website is not complete and won't be fetching it's long term goals of the website. Jeby has done search optimization for different websites and those are ranking well on major search engines.


Banner Ads : Web banner Ads are commonly seen in popular website or those with high hit rates. Banner Ads are costly and the rates vary according to the popularity of the website, the positions and size and time. Banner ads are used to generate sudden results. Banner Ads should be created after understanding several factors for better result. Before making a banner Ad, one should have a website or webpage with detailed information, as the banner size will be limited to display all the details. A properly crafted well placed banner Ads fetches huge result. Since banner Ads are costly, it should be selected according to the budget of the customer.

Jeby Thomas designs banner ads on demand for various requirements on the web.

Jeby Thomas suggests all website owners to give equal importance to web promotions while creating website. There are several factors one should understand before going for a website. A proper understanding of these boosts your business globally through website

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