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Aerial Video & Photography

Website Videos / Videography - Jeby Thomas ( Kottayam, Kerala, India )

Videos are becoming a trend on Internet. Before the huge files size of the videos effected the downloading time on Internet. But now, internet connectivity has improved and the new formats supports video streaming easy.

Jeby Thomas captures videos for the websites he develops. Then he edits the videos for adding effects, sound and then converts to the appropriate file formats for the websites. On internet, videos are commercially used for product promotion or service demonstrations, testimonials, FAQs, interviews etc. Video Ads are also a major hit. The scope of videos on Internet is growing day by day. Most of the television channels also have their websites broadcasting as well as archives of their videos online. Different websites like YouTube are also common to internet browsers for the video contents. Videos are gathering more importance on web and any text contents. People are interested to watch a video than reading a long webpage for information.

Aerial Video / Airborne Video / RC Pilot Kerala

Aerial Video or airborne videos are used to get a bird’s eye view of things. This kind of videography uses the most modern technology embedded systems for videoing. For this basically a drone or a copter is used to carry the video camera up in the sky which is controlled from the ground station using remote control. Jeby Thomas is a good RC Pilot, very good in capturing aerial videos and photos for commercial videos in Kerala. Aerial videography can get a vast coverage of an area or a premise / building, which is impossible for a normal video shooting. Aerial video can also be used for film making which improves the effect of the film.

aerial filming

Jeby Thomas Video Travelogues:

In all the video travelogues of Jeby Thomas, the videography, scripts, sound dubbing, editing and mixing are done by Jeby Thomas

" Illikkal Kallu " - a Video Travelogue by Jeby Thomas

Illikkal Kallu a beautiful tourist place in Kottayam district in Teekoy near Pala and Erattupetta. The place is beautiful with its long stretch of hills and the blue sky with clouds. At the tip of this place is a hill and a set of three rocks. The rock is the "Illikkal Kalu". In the first rock is a cave through which you can reach the other rocks. It is really adventurous to reach this cave as there is no path to this cave as such. But one needs to climb through the steep side of the rock and reach the cave! A detail view of Illikkal Kallu is given in this video. So enjoy Illikkal Kallu. A place good for trekking, mountain climbing and adventure tourism.

"A Road trip to Kozhikode" - a Video Travelogue by Jeby Thomas

This is a video travelouge of Jeby Thomas showing the road directions distance and time taken to travel from Kottayam to Kozhikode return. In this video the Kozhilode Kapad beach, Chaliyam Fishing Harbour and Kadalundikadavu bridge is show. Most of the videos are taken inside the car. But the panoramic views are realy beautiful, especially on the highway.

A Video Travelogue to Ooty by Jeby Thomas
Two videos reviews Jeby Thomas has taken :
Jeby is also interested in travlelling. And he takes videos while travelling. His video travelogues are displayed under the website www.truekerala.com. All the vidoes displayed in the website www.truekerala.com are taken by Jeby Thomas.
Watch Jeby Thomas video travelogue to Munnar – a hill station in Kerala.
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