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Aerial Video & Photography

Aerial Videos / Helicam Videos / Videography / Aerial Filming / Movie making - Jeby Thomas ( Kottayam, Kerala, India )

Aerial Videos are used to take videos from sky. Aerial videography gives a much coverage of the location, premise or the building from a bird’s eye view. This is much more beautiful to see since it is taken from up in the sky and hence it also includes the beauty of the sky along with the location. The extensive view and the vide coverage gives the video a much panoramic beauty. Aerial videos or airborne videos are taken using a remote controlled ( RC ) copters or helicams. These quadcopters or drones are piloted from the ground by an experienced RC Pilot who is also good at videography and photography. Using aerial video copters / helicams good aerial photos can also be taken. Good aerial photography is a real talent and art as it needs the proficiency of an RC Pilot as well as a good camera man's watchful eyes. Combining the both is the result of a beautiful aerial videography.

Watch an aerial videography by Jeby Thomas of St. Peter's Marthoma Church Kottayam, Kerala >>

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Jeby Thomas as an aerial videographer from Kottayam Kerala India

Jeby Thomas is good in aerial video shooting using most modern quadcopters / helicams in Kerala. The aerial videos of Jeby Thomas are available on Internet as website videos and also on YouTube. Commercial photography / videography or subject photo / videography of selected tourist places, commercial complexes, buildings, hotels, resorts, construction site, etc, can be taken with panoramic beauty without hindering the privacy of anyone. Aerial videos can also be used for film making ( aerial filming ) / movie making.

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Aerial Photography by Jeby Thomas of St.Peter's Marthoma Church Kottayam, Kerala
aerial photography kottayam aerial photography kerala aerial videography kerala
Aerial / helicam / drone video of house by Jeby Thomas for Century Construcions Kottayam
Drone / helicam / aerial videography by Jeby Thomas for Century Constructions Kottayam
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